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  The company, founded in 1965,is engaged sheet metal manufacturing for years,
thus has a wealth of manufacturing experience.
  The company covers a floor area ofover 300 mu and has investedRMB 200 million
into FeidaBaokai Modern Industrial Park.
  The company has been certified by ISO9001 Quality AssuranceSystem, ISO14001
Environmental Management System and GB/T28001 Occupational Health and Safety Management System.
  Since 2000,the company has started to manufacture thesupporting sheet metal structure
partsfor the top 500 companies, and has been recognized by customers.
  The company has a strong technical force, a scientific and technological team including
180 persons, and the scientific and technical personnel accounts for 30% of the total employees.
The company continues to manufacture anddevelop new products to meet customer demand.

  The supplier of productraw materialsis a domestic high-quality brand enterprise,
thus the quality is guaranteed.
  Welding robots, laser cutting machines, CNC punching and bending equipment and
coordinate testingequipment areextensively usedto ensure the accuracy and quality of products.
  The products are manufactured in accordance with the international standards, thus the quality is superhigh.
  The company implements the concept of lean production, promotes 6Sigma and BIQ activities and establishes PQVC spectaculars, to achieve continuousimprovement and reduce manufacturing costs.
  The companycan develop sheet metal productsjointly with customersandexpand domestic markets through joint efforts.
  The company can provide domestic and international customers with JIT production modes.
  The company dispatches professional personnel for stationed services, to thoroughly understand the customer demand, and ensure the customer production lines in reliable operation. The companyprovides the most effective services in the shortest possible time at the fastest speed.
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